The Sorting Office Welcomes Illustrator Steinar Lund

 Apr 28, 2017

Illustrator Steinar Lund joined The Sorting Office studios at the beginning of April, renting a studio space for a month in order to re-touch some of his old artworks.

Steinar is a professional Illustrator and photographer, as well as a musician and cinematographer who works with a wide array of different media to produce works ranging from fantasy & gothic art through to realistic pieces, images of food, retro video game covers and much more (we'd recommend visiting Steinar's website to get an idea of just how much he does!).

Steinar is currently working to re-touch an image entitled "Extreme" which featured on the box cover for a retro video game by Digital Integration in 1991.

Steinar working on some fine details for "Extreme"

"Extreme" magazine advert from 1991