Iris Hill Designs New Logo for Women's Reflexology Business

 Feb 16, 2017

Illustrator Iris Hill has been commissioned to create a painterly logo for a women's health and wellbeing company. 

Speaking about her design, Iris said:

'Im passionate about watercolour, highlighting its unique colour blends and pigment runs. To link in with the companies messaging I am painting florals known for their therapeutic benefits these include echinacia, passionflower and geranium' 

Women's Health Reflexology specialises in women's health, wellbeing and relaxation. Their aim is to provide a holistic approach to your health concerns with a peaceful & soothing, yet targeted treatment where you can relax, let go of your stress & worries, allowing you to rebalance inner harmony in a loving & caring environment. 

Harriet Maton, Women's Health Reflexologist, said:

"I love the delicate but vivid nature of watercolour and ink, especially when it's combined with flowers, it creates a feminine and sensitive message perfect for my business dedicated to women's health and wellbeing." 

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