Firecrest Launches Preview of New Clothing Collection

 Sep 15, 2016

Fashion designer-maker Emily Burns, owner of small clothing business Firecrest, is launching a look book to show off her upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 women’s clothing collection.

The clothes, which are largely crafted from organic and fair trade textiles, are inspired by a range of elements, such as Emily’s love of nature, and her passion for dancing and classic style.

Fashion Designer and owner of Firecrest small clothing business Emily Burns

What kinds of people do you think might be interested in the collection?

It is principally for women aged twenty to fifty. They are women who are looking for holiday, occasion and everyday pieces, as well as evening skirts and tops.

What’s the theme behind the collection?

The collection is themed around plants and flowers, and the styles and silhouettes echo this theme. Pieces are named after flowers and plants that either have a similar colour or structure, such as the Delphinium Skirt, which is bright blue, or the Cypress Dress, which is narrow and elegant.

Emily's Gentian Box Jacket and Spiraea Skirt

What inspired the collection?

I find selecting the fabric for a collection an inspiring process. Working out the parameters of the fabric tends to dictate the style of the garment. For example, the pink, stripy fair trade material lent itself to being made into a drawstring waist, beach dress. My use of natural, organic and fair trade fabrics as a starting point led to the creation of a fabric and colour range. In addition, an interest in dance inspired the full skirts and sleeveless tops.

What are some of the pieces you’re most proud of and why?

I really like the way the Rose Sleeveless Dress turned out, as it is so dramatic when given a swirl and the ‘V’ shaped neckline at the front and back creates a dynamic look together with the French darts at the front. I am pleased, too, with the stripy, mostly unlined pieces made with characterful, eco-friendly fabric, which is ideal for wearing to the beach and in hot climates.

Emily will be releasing her look book tomorrow (16th September) so be sure to watch this space!

You can keep up with Emily’s collection via her website:

Photo: Freddie Marriage

Model: Lara Taylor