Eve Dawson's Paintings to Tour European Places of Work

 Aug 18, 2016

Eve Little Van Gogh

The artwork of Eastleigh-based Visual Artist Eve Dawson is to tour workplaces across the UK as part of a project run by exhibition company Little Van Gogh.

Eve, who works out of her studio at The Sorting Office in Eastleigh Town Centre,has created 10 works of art which feature her signature style of broad, sweeping strokes, vibrant colours and expressive fields of colour.

The pieces will spend a few weeks together on display in one location, before being replaced and moved to another workplace, with Cambridge being the first stop for Eve's pieces.

Little Van Gogh’s project, which is pitched as an alternative to art rental, aims to draw a connection between office workers and emerging professional artists.

By displaying a constantly changing selection of works from an impressive catalogue of international artists, the project hopes to foster engagement in the arts for people who might not ordinarily get the chance to visit a gallery.

For Eve and the rest of the artists involved, the project is a great opportunity to gain some international exposure, whilst still having the chance to sell the pieces to those at work in the offices in which they are displayed.

Eve said:

"The potential prospect of my work being exhibited in a variety places in the UK and Europe and reaching out to a wider audience is really exciting.

"It always amazes me what people tell me they can see in my paintings, I never give them names or titles, I prefer to let people 'read' them in their own way, and have a personal connection rather than being told what to see through a title.