Miesje Chafer Strikes Intriguing Deal With Furniture Retailer

 Aug 04, 2016


Eastleigh-based Textile Artist and Screen Printer Miesje Chafer has struck up an interesting deal with furniture retailer Pelikan Online.

Miesje had initially given some of her cushions to the Suffolk-based company, which largely works on re-upholstering mid-century Danish furniture, as a way to help present the furniture in photographs.

After a few customers enquired about the cushions, Pelikan Online approached Miesje, who works from her studio at The Sorting Office in Eastleigh town centre, and struck a deal to sell some of her designs.

But for the enterprising textile artist, the deal has a little more to it than that: In exchange for selling cushions at a reduced price, Pelikan Online have been sending her boxes full of offcuts too small for furniture but perfect for Miesje’s works.

Miesje said:

“They’ve sent me loads, I thought they were just going to send me a few bits and pieces, but they send me a whole box full of wool, it’s amazing.

 “The wool is really expensive; I’d never buy it normally so actually, it’s a pretty good deal.”

Rachel Wirrman, co-founder of Pelikan Online, said:

“We're always on the look-out for props that will complement our furniture and bring it to life.

“The nature of our work means we have a lot of surplus British fabric leftover from when we restore our pieces. The fabric's often beautiful expensive wools but not enough for us to use on another piece

“We send the remnants to Miesje and she weaves her magic, partnering our cloths with her patterns and her wonderful creativity to create cushions.”

For more info on Miesje’s work, please visit www.miesjechafer.com or contact Miesje via hello@miesjechafer.com

To see more of Pelikan Online’s furniture, visit: www.pelikanonline.co.uk