Winning Streak for Textile Artist Jill Brennan

 Jul 21, 2016

Eastleigh-based Textile Artist Jill Brennan has won first place in two categories at the National Quilt Championships, with another of her works being selected to take part in a juried exhibition around the country as part of the Quilter’s Guild’s Anne Tuck Prize.

Jill’s submitted work for the National Quilt Championships, entitled ‘The Last Rays of Glorious Sunshine Before the Rest That Night Time Brings’, won first place in both the Art Quilt and Machine Applique categories.

The wall hanging, which measures 2 meters by 1.6 metres, is crafted largely with hand dyed cottons, printed and mono-printed fabrics, and features vibrant amalgamations of fabrics and stich to create a forested scene illuminated by the setting sun.

The awards exhibition, hosted at the Sandown Racecourse, saw hundreds of quilts entered and prizes handed out across 25 categories.

Jill said of the competition:

 “I was staggered by the quality of what was there; there were so many brilliant ideas.

“To feel that quilting is beginning to be respected as more than a craft, but as an art, is wonderful”

Another of Jill’s works, a contemporary piece entitled ‘Finding Perspective’, has been shortlisted for the Inaugural Anne Tuck Memorial Prize, which is run by the Quilter’s Guild in memory of Anne Tuck, one of its founding members.

The piece incorporates used denim to create a scene featuring a rocky shoreline and an expanse of sea and even includes a small four line poem written by Jill.

The piece will be touring the UK as part of a juried exhibition called “On the Edge”, with the results being announced in August at the Festival of Quilts.

Speaking on her success, Jill said:

“It’s kind of reassuring because I like to make art quilts, but I’m also aware of the traditional quilting techniques, so if I win a prize, then I know I’ve reached a reasonable standard.

“It is something you’re always questioning when you’re applying fabrics in what can seem a quite random way.

“When you get an end results that all kinds of people have enjoyed, it’s a confidence boost, It means a lot to me that other people enjoy my work and enjoy the quality of my work.

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