Helping to Develop Creative Businesses at The Sorting Office

 Jun 29, 2016

The thing that The Sorting Office Prides itself on most is helping emerging artists to create and expand their businesses. Throughout it's three year history, a wide variety of artists have been able to ply their trade in The Sorting Office thanks to it's affordable studio space, and have been given the opportunity to attend dedicated workshops and networking events, helping them with all things business related, from managing finances to staying on top of social meda.

To the artists in residence, the studio also offers company, a group of like-minded individuals to talk to and bounce ideas around with, which in itself can be more beneficial to an artist's career than any single workshop can.

All of this is fantastic, it's a unique set-up, with nothing else quite like it in the surrounding area, but one thing that defines The Sorting Office is that it never stops looking for ways to improve.

To this end, The Sorting Office has appointed a new business mentor, Debbie Gent, to help guide the artists in their businesses, helping them with everything from branding, to approaching potential clients and forming strong industry connections.

Debbie's experience as a former international buyer for BHS and Next, as well as in running her own online pastel-themed retail store, Sorbet Living, means she has a veritable cornucopia of knowledge to draw upon, and makes her well suited to advising the resident designer-makers.

In the following video, Debbie outlines her role, and her approach to helping the residents to grow their businesses.