Marwell Zany Zebra Stops off at The Sorting Office

 Apr 19, 2016


One of Marwell Zoo’s highly anticipated Zany Zebras is being designed right in the middle of Eastleigh, in the town’s vibrant designer-maker studios.

Illustrator Denise Hughes has been working on the zebra for the past few weeks in her studio at The Sorting Office, which is located on Wells Road in Eastleigh.

Denise, whose playful designs have included children’s books, greetings cards and canvas prints, is one of 19 artists chosen to design the Zany Zebras.

Denise’s Zebra, which will appear somewhere in Southampton on July 16th, is themed around diversity, featuring a variety of characters from all walks of life.

Explaining a bit about the design, Denise said:

“I wanted my zebra to be an interactive piece that people can try and spot themselves on”

“I’ve made the characters fairly general, so I’m hoping people will look round and find characters that remind them of themselves.”

Affectionately named Hugo by Denise’s fellow resident artists at The Sorting Office, the zebra will be on display for ten weeks before being auctioned off to raise funds for the conservation of the endangered Grevy’s Zebra, as well as other wildlife, and communities in the arid rangelands of northern Kenya.

Denise has also designed a second Zany Zebra at the Brooks Centre in Winchester, called Glitterfish, which will depict the coastal aspects of Southampton, and the idea of conserving our coastal ecosystems.

Denise said:

 “I really enjoy working on these projects, I took part in Go! Rhinos two years ago and it’s great to be working alongside the same faces.”

“People love the art trail in Southampton, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the reactions my zebras get”

For more information about Denise and her work, please visit: