Photos of Keum-Boo With The Sorting Office's Joanne Tinley

 Mar 23, 2016

Keum-Boo is a means by which gold foil is permanently attached to fine silver, through use of heat and pressure. The technique dates back to ancient Korea, although historic evidence of similar gilding methods used to apply gold to copper, steel and iron has been found across ancient civilizations, from Chinese and Japanese culture to those of ancient Greece and Rome.

Sorting Office resident jewellery designer and maker Joanne Tinley is well versed in Keum-Boo, and uses it to create silver jewellery featuring beautiful gold-lined dishes. Having such an ancient art being practiced in our studios, we couldn’t help but grab some photos of Jo in action:

1: The Set-Up

This technique actually only requires a few things: a pair of tweezers, a burnisher for applying pressure, and a hot plate.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:harryusborne:Desktop:Jo-Keum-Boo-4-small.jpg


2: A Close-Up of Tools and the Jewellery in Varying Stages of Completion

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:harryusborne:Desktop:Jo-Keum-Boo-2-small.jpg


3: Joanne’s Keum-Boo Set-Up Side On

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4: Jo Beginning the Keum-Boo Process

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5: Applying the Gold Foil

The silver base must evenly reach a certain temperature in order for the gold foil to bond to it.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:harryusborne:Desktop:Jo-Keum-Boo-3-small.jpg


6: Removing the Finished Piece

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Photos by Harry Usborne