Resident artist Carly Mann leaves the Sorting Office

 Nov 30, 2015

Carly Mann leaves the Sorting Office from Harry Usborne on Vimeo.

Resident Sorting Office artist Carly Mann left the studios yesterday, having been a part of the thriving artistic community since it first began in May 2013.

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Carly’s time at the Sorting Office has seen her work on some impressive commissions, most notably the Mayor of Eastleigh’s ceremonial mace and The Reflections Tree, an installation for the Swan Queen’s Ball at Mottisfont Abbey.

She has also been involved in other high profile activities, having exhibited at the French Art Show 2014 and taken part in Making it 7x7, a two year project that aimed to enhance understanding surrounding the value of hand-making and creativity.

Carly’s plans now are to travel; she’s stopping off in Thailand briefly before heading to New Zealand for a year to take part in three different art residencies.

Most notable of these residencies is a Charitable Trust called Earthskin Murawai, which aims to promote environmental stewardship whilst nurturing interest in the creative arts.

Carly will be spending up to three months at the eco retreat, creating work and collaborating with other resident artists.

The other two residencies are similar set-ups where Carly will have her own space in a hostel to create work inspired by the surroundings.

Carly explains that the intention of the trip is to develop her artistic style:

“Business wise, it’s going to take more of a back seat, it’s more of a development phase, just to see what changes and what I really want to do.”

“I’ve been here a good couple of years now, so I’m kind of ready to ditch everything, as it were, and move it up to the next level.”

“I’m incorporating my art into my travelling and vice verca, so it just makes sense.”

Just as Carly’s upcoming residencies will help her to progress her skills, her time at the Sorting Office has been invaluable for evolving her art.

She said:

“My work has developed while I’ve been here, mainly due to other people being around and helping it to move forward.”

“Obviously I’m really excited, but it’s starting to dawn on me that I’m leaving people behind. It’s sort of happy-sad, really.”

Carly, from everyone here at the Sorting Office, we wish you all the best on your travels and we hope you’ll come and tell us all about them when you return!