Sorting Office fine artist Junko O'Neill to exhibit at Flux

 Nov 05, 2015

Eastleigh-based fine artist Junko O’Neill has been selected to display her work at Flux exhibition at the Royal College of Arts in December.

Fine Artist Junko O'Neill in her Sorting Office studio.

Junko’s work was selected after she and 600 other artists affiliated with the London art scene applied through the Flux exhibition website, with Junko being one of 100 artists to make the final cut.

Flux exhibition was founded by Lisa Gray, author of The Pallet Pages art blog, and owner of Gray’s Art Gallery.

It’s a relatively new event, having held its first exhibition in only February of this year, at the Rag Factory in East London.

In spite of its infancy, the event has generated a large amount of buzz within the art community thanks to the success of its inaugural exhibition and the wide array of well curated contemporary talent it displays.

The stated aim of the exhibition is to promote emerging contemporary talent and bridge the gap between artists and buyers.

Junko, who works out of her studio in the Sorting Office in Eastleigh, applied for the exhibition after seeing its Facebook page, having been impressed by the quantity and quality of work being displayed.

The fine artist is now working on 6 new pieces to display at the exhibition, each roughly 5 by 8 inches in diameter.

Fine artist Junko O’Neill’s works focus on the Japanese spatial concept of Ma

The main focus of these works revolves around the Japanese spatial concept of Ma, which holds that negative space exists, and is understood as intervals which are vital to an individual’s perception of a given work.

Junko believes that Flux exhibition is a good event for emerging artists, as it is less commercially minded than a lot of other exhibitions.

She said of the event:

“Flux is a purer exhibition opportunity, and it has a bigger collection base.”

“I’ve exhibited at a few other exhibitions which have been commercially focused and very exhausting.”

“With Flux, I create without thinking about whether the pieces will sell.”

Junko described herself as “calmly excited” for the event:

 “As long as my work helps to make Flux a good exhibition, I’ll be happy.”

December’s exhibition, which runs from the 11th to the 14th, will take place at the Royal College of Arts in London, in over 6000 square foot of floor space.

Alongside artist’s work, the exhibition will host a variety of installations including curated talks, performance art displays, and live painting sessions.

Tickets are available via the Flux exhibition website, and whilst reservations for the first private viewing have all been booked, tickets for a second private viewing, to be held on the 12th, are still available.

For Flux exhibition information and tickets, visit:

For more information on Junko’s work, visit:

Story and photos by Harry Usborne