Illustrator designs greetings cards for ASDA

 Oct 30, 2015

Two designs created by Eastleigh-based artist Lisa Jean Gardner, who works under the name Iris Hill, have been chosen by Asda to feature on a range of greetings cards.

Lisa’s designs, easily recognisable by her use of inks and watercolour to create bright, whimsical patterns and scenes, were selected by publisher Gemma International especially for Asda’s range of love and anniversary cards.

Caroline Weaver, Head of Product, Marketing & Creative at Gemma International, said of Lisa’s work:

“Moving into adult occasions, we required a different artistic style to our usual juvenile skillset. After looking at a large number of artists we were drawn to Iris Hill's style.

“The inks and unique style offered something completely new for the Asda fixture and provided a high end approach for their more discerning consumers.”

The contract is a great sense of recognition for Lisa, who works out of The Sorting Office in Wells Road, Eastleigh, a former Post Office sorting office now transformed into a creative studio where artists and designers can develop and grow their businesses.

Lisa described being selected as humbling, adding:

 “I love working with watercolour and ink runs and it was a validation to know it is appreciated by the industry.

“It's a wonderful feeling to see your work in the public domain and a great way to share your hard work with friends and family.

“To know a design has made it through all the hurdles and into a store, it makes you feel more confident.”

One of the designs chosen that features 13 watercolour hearts was selected from Lisa’s Colour Puddles range, a collection which Lisa described as going back to her roots with vibrant, washed out patterns.

The works in Colour Puddles are created by painting the desired shapes in water, then dropping colours on and letting them spread through the wetted areas.

This results in varied textures within the individual ‘puddles’, creating a pattern which is bright and visually engaging.

The other selected design was chosen from Lisa’s Mizar collection, a range which was previously picked up by Carte Blanche Greetings.

In contrast to Colour Puddles, The designs in Mizar are made up of detailed and intricate patterns, primarily involving the use of fine brushes, inks and pen.

The designs themselves are taken by Asda, and then made into commercial products through the use of glitter and premium finishes.

The cards went on sale in September, and are still available in Asda’s stores.


For more about Lisa’s work, visit:

Story and photos by Harry Usborne