Fashion designer sprints in a new direction

 Aug 13, 2015

Fashion designer Jason Butler has embarked on an exciting new venture.

Known more for his beautiful bespoke gowns, the creative, who runs Jason Butler Couture from The Sorting Office, has now started to create his own line of sportswear.

The seeds of the new initiative were planted after he was approached by a local sports manufacturer to design and make a sports top range at this year's Summer Open Studios at The Sorting Office.

Although a world away from his usual designs and working with totally different fabrics, Jason relished the challenge and successfully completed the commission.

"The fabric used for sportswear is extremely difficult to work with," said Jason. "To begin with I worked on some off cuts to get used to its temperament. Then when I got a bit more confident I sourced some high quality rolls and got to work. I was delighted with the finished garments, fortunately, so too was the client."

Jason was then approached by a couple of bodybuilders who on seeing the designs commissioned him to make bespoke gym wear for them.

"Bodybuilders find it very difficult to find suitable gym wear because of their shape," explained Jason. "What I can do is make them perfectly-fitting sports attire, bespoke to their size and needs. They seem to like my designs and love the fact, that unlike shop bought garments, they actually fit."

Due to the initial success in this market, Jason has now started to design his own line of sportswear, creating garments for both men and women.

"I'm thoroughly enjoying exploring this new market,” said Jason. "It's so very different from designing and making ball gowns and prom dresses - and it's also a very different clientele. I like the challenge, plus it's great to add another dimension to my work."

If you're interested in commissioning Jason contact him at or call him on 07501 221924.