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 Feb 16, 2015

When illustrator Denise Hughes joined The Sorting Office as a resident one of her business goals was to pursue her storybook dreams and to find a reputable agent to represent her work.

That dream is now a reality with Denise being picked up by Eunice McMullen, who heads the renowned Eunice McMullen Literary Agency.

Only last week, the top agent was in London talking to publishers about developing some of Denise’s storybooks ideas and characters, including the much loved Twig.

Twig is a small, shy, brown bird

He Lives in a tree with some very colourful birds...

It’s hugely exciting times for Denise, with publishers all taking an interest in her ideas and illustrative style.

Speaking about being represented by the Eunice McMullen Literary Agency, Denise said: “It’s very exciting for me.

“When I joined The Sorting Office it was in my business plan to have an agent. My work is much more likely to land on a publisher’s desk via an agent… which has to be good.

“Eunice has been promoting Twig and other work. The publishers gave good feedback, although they mentioned that I have a variety of styles and they would like to see one or two definitive styles. This is what I am working on at the moment.

“I’m just thrilled to be working with Eunice and seeing where my work will take me.”

Eunice McMullen is one of the UL’s leading Children’s Literary Agents, representing authors such as Angie Sage, Angela McAllister and Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick and illustrators including Sophie Allsopp, Sam Child, Ross Collins, Jon Berkeley and Charles Fuge. She set up Eunice McMullen Literary Agency in 1992 and works between London and New York.

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