Jill Rose Brennan - Quilting as an Artform

Posted On December 19, 2017 by The Sorting Office

Here are some wonderful words from The Sorting Office resident Quilter and Textile Artist Jill Rose Brennan conveying her thoughts on quilting as an artform:


"Over years and years, there's been this question about whether or not quilts can be considered art - I've never questioned it.

The first quilting exhibition I went to was in 1979 - they were really old Irish quilts, falling to bits

But to me, there was no doubt that the makers were artists, and that has stayed with me.

I think that now, to feel that quilting is beginning to be considered as not just a craft, but as an art, is wonderful."

Be sure to visit Jill's website to check out some of her work, and watch the video below to see her awesome talent in action with her New English Quilting Frame and Juki Sewing Machine: