Claire Vine
Claire Vine Information

Exploring traditional handprinting and embroidery mixed

with modern materials such as perspex and ply, textile

and mixed-media designer, Claire Vine creates a range

of unique framed wall pieces which influence and inform

homeware and accessories created in limited batches

including cushions and lampshades as well as one-off

concept pieces. Driven by the now, inspired by current

trends mixed with the old, Claire’s influences and outcomes

are constantly evolving. Although she has a distinct style,

she likes to take an organic approach to each project and

be challenged by the possible outcomes. Each design and

art work is informed by those halcyon childhood memories

inevitably always returning to ‘home’. Her pieces aim to

jolt the memory; remind the viewer of a moment, a touch,

a sound, be imbued with a sense of other lives lived.