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Creature Hut

Sculpture & Special Effects


Formed from the monstrous imaginings of Tom Rush and Emily Manning, Creature Hut is a special effects company based in Southampton. The duo produce props, models, small scale scenery, prosthetic make-up, sculptures and creature/ character designs. Tom, who has a BA (Hons) degree in special effects with a specialisation in animatronic design, has fingers in many pies, from stop motion to life sculpture. Emily works as a freelance model maker who has been responsible for the production of a number of museum exhibitions and art films.

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Denise Hughes Designs



Illustrator Denise Hughes is a fine art graduate from Winchester School of Art working in mixed media using watercolours, acrylics and paper cutting. Her charming, joyful, character-driven illustrations, primarily featuring children and animals, are featured across a range of greetings cards, giftwrap and giftware and sold worldwide.

Her designs are inspired by her own children and her love of animals and influenced by the work of children’s book illustrators David Tazzyman and Quentin Blake. Denise is currently developing a children’s book, using her own illustrations and story idea.

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Eve Dawson

Visual Artist


Eve Dawson is a Hampshire-based visual artist. In 2010 Eve was the recipient of the Stephen Heffer Memorial Scholarship enabling her to continue her studies at MA level at Winchester School of Art. Following completion of the Masters course, Eve was invited to join The Sorting Office. Now in 2016 she continues to develop her work and is looking forward to exhibiting her works in Bath and London, whilst accepting commissions.

Eve is engaged in an ongoing conversation with colour and brushstrokes building up a multi layered appearance, taking inspiration from contemporary artists such as Helen Frankenthaler, Cy Twombly and Gerard Stricher. Recent works include 9 commissioned Acrylics for a client with a residence in Umbria, Italy, Eve was shortlisted for Hampshire Cultural Trust Creative Commercial Commission Project and the Marwell Zoo Zany Zebras Project, and is currently working on 11 new paintings for ‘Little Van Gogh’ exhibiting works in the UK and the rest of Europe.

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Emily Whittingham

Illustration and Mixed Media


Emily is an Animation graduate from The University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. Inspired by vintage animation, the gothic and sweet treats; Emily creates character-focused art in the forms of paintings, illustration and sculpture.

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Harriet Riddell - InStitchYou

Line Stitching and Textiles


Originally hailing from Oxfordshire, Harriet Riddell is a Textile Performance Artist and graduate of Contemporary Applied Arts at the University of Hertfordshire. Harriet has travelled the world pitching up her sewing machine and live-stitching the people she meets and the places she sees, from the slums of Nairobi to the tea fields of the Himalayas. 

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Helen McArdle

Historical Costumier


Helen is a graduate of Wimbledon School of Art, who has worked in theatre, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, and has an MA in historical textile and dress. She is also a member of the Hampshire Regency Dancers who have a reputation for historically accurate costume. Helen has created costumes for museums, theatre, re-enactors and dancers, most notable are her hats and her specialism in male costume. The talented costumier has recently created a series of pieces for contemporary dance artist Hayley Barker, taking her work into a new direction.

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Joanne Tinley



Jo’s jewellery is crafted to last lifetimes, designed with care to be cherished and passed down the generations, yet intended to be worn every day.

Jo works with sterling and fine silver, 24k gold, semi-precious stones and handcrafted lampwork glass beads to create stunning pieces of jewellery. She is particularly interested in Keum Boo, a Korean technique that permanently bonds 24k gold to fine silver, showcased in her popular Golden Collection. Keen to share her passion for jewellery making, Joanne runs regular workshops in silversmithing and Keum Boo.

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Linda Miller Embroideries

Free Machine Embroidery


Linda Miller makes one-off, framed and unframed machine embroideries using an industrial Bernina 960 sewing machine. She embroiders onto a heavyweigh cotton using a wide selection of viscose, silk and metallic threads.

Using her distinctive style, Linda creates rich, colourful, naïve and humerous embroideries which contain figures set in the outdoors, always happy, always smiling and usually depicted within a story.

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Liza Lewis



Liza is a freelance graphic designer/illustrator based in Southampton, who has produced work for a variety of media including books, cards and games. She creates fun, quirky illustrations and unusual children’s designs. Liza has a passion for children’s design, enjoying the process of infusing her work with colour, creativity and fun.

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Oliver Lane



Oliver Lane, founder of Lane Photographic, is a Southampton & New Forest based photographer. Ever since his uncle handed him a camera when he was 10 years old, Oliver has been fascinated by photography, and to this day is never caught out without a camera to hand. Oliver's work is comprised of a mix of personal and commercial photos, with subject matter varying from photos of flowers and environmental portraits, to motorsports and rockclimbing, and everything in between.

Oliver has also completed work for a number of clients, including Southampton University, Southampton Yacht Services and Oyster Marine.

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Rachel Reynolds

Interior Design


Rachel creates innovative artwork and prints for domestic and commercial interiors. In 2012, Rachel received a distinction for her MA in textile design at Winchester School of Art, which enhanced her existing practice by bringing her hand drawn elements to the forefront of her designs.

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Rosie Wesley

Metalwork and Jewellery


Rosie Wesley is a graduate of Metalwork and Jewellery from the University of Creative Arts in Farnham. Focusing on form and texture, Rosie uses direct burn-out casting techniques to produce replica textures of bark which are combined with components based on the landscape’s negative spaces.

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Tumble and Rose



Tumble and Rose jewellery is created by Helen Hutchings, a self-taught electroformer and all-round crystal addict. Using raw and recycled materials to minimise environmental impact, each item is crafted with a little bit of science and possibly a little bit of magic - no two pieces Helen creates will ever be the same!

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Steinar Lund



Steinar Lund is a professional Illustrator with years of experience creating images for Art Directors and Designers in the areas of Advertising, Editorial, Marketing, Packaging, Publishing and the Web. This includes - Food illustrations, Photorealistic illustrations, illustrated Fantasy Images, Digital Airbrushed Artworks and Art for Animations. Steinar is represented by Illustration Ltd.

Photography is an essential part of the development of Steinar's work. His portfolio therefore includes a collection of photographic images. His work has been accepted by Arcangel, a rights managed photo library specialising in imagery for publishing.

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